Grid Engineering Enterprises
We have provided our rental and maintenance services in the last twenty years to numerous reputed major clients spread over various fields and affected sales of more than 1000 diesel generators, diesel pumpsets, welding generators to satisfied customers in Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra and Tamilnadu.
Our team of engineers and technicians have attended at sites on demand to rectify or solve any issues effectively be it maintenance or erections, installations and commissioning with high customer satisfaction.
We are located in the central business district of Bangalore city and well connected to all the major roads leading to city and have facility to load and unload machineries from transport vehicles upto 5T from any site.
Having located in the city central gives us edge to provide sales and after sales support , hiring services to all the clients in Bangalore as well as neighbouring districts of Karnataka, Andhra and Tamilnadu.
We have a 100% record of customers returning to us for our products and services over the years for everything we offer and we are managed by highly qualified professional managers with technical background and expertise in electrical and electronics in India and US professing high standard in business practices for a successful partnership with clients.